Jakarta Design Center

Jakarta Design Center, the very first design center in Indonesia and most complete interior and architecture in the strategic place Jakarta region and surrounding areas, and even in Indonesia. About thirty years ago become one of the solution to the absence of business center specializing in interior and architectural sector in Indonesia that is representative, integrated and of International standards. Easily accessible from Soekarno Hatta airport and being close to various 5-stars hotels.

Jakarta Design Center is the public’s barometer for the latest interior and architectural products. Apart from Jakarta Design Center being a representative, integrated and international standard Interior and Architecture business center in Indonesia, it can also develop people’s horizons towards the world of interiors and architecture. Occupying a land area of 13.300m2 and having a floor area of 29.000 m2, the Jakarta Design Center has its mission, the broadening of horizons and the promoting of the people’s appreciation for design. JDC is a design center for designers, business people, students and the public who meet here to exchange ideas and attend exhibitions or seminars about design.The joining of many well known companies in the interior and architecture sector with their respective uniqueness and typical designs offer a kaleidoscope of design choices to meet existing by these companies are always offering dynamics designs of the products being presented.

The presented of number of professional associations in the design sector such as : IAI, HDII, IALI and HTII also offers additional variety to the JDC atmosphere as a community center for design professionals. The various support facilities available at the building like seminar rooms, audio-visual studio, business center, cafes, and other facilities to conducting their profession’s activities, and offering a social interaction within their circles. Jakarta Design Center vision is to become a world-class Design center that facilitates the development of collaboration skills for designers and business people.